Week 5 Recap – The Hawks shut-out the Patriots



The Panthers started the season 0-2 and allowing the most points in the league. Since then, they’ve gone 2-0-1, and boasted the 2nd best defense in the league. It was only a matter of time that a team boasting Alla Al-Salem, Danial Ali and Muzammil Rizvi will pick up their defense. Muzammi Rizvi had a strong defensive campaign last season, and was struggling ailing from a heel injury early in the season. With all of these safeties, the strongest defensive game might have been from Alykhan Gangani as he had 8 flag grabs this week!

The Panthers would take an early 14-0 lead in this game, and it was a lead they wouldn’t relinquish. The Ravens can look back at this game, and know that they didn’t have Ammar Jessa, but that’s not the reason they lost this game. Hisham Ali was a fantastic 30/36 this game with 5 TDs and spread the ball beautifully with each player having at least 3 receptions. The reason the Ravens may have lost this game was because of 2 false-start penalties. On their first two series, the Ravens were called for false starts early in their drives, and on both drives, they did not score. Sometimes, it’s the little things that lose you the game. Last year’s MVP Alla Al-Salem had 11 receptions and 2 TDs, who paces the league with 37 receptions and is second with 8 receiving TDs. The Panthers will be facing their stiffest competition, when they gave up 56 points in a loss to the Lions during their first week loss.



The Raiders have won every other game this season with their first win in week 2, and they would continue this trend in Week 5. The Lions had a lot to do with that early on as they continue their torrid pace early in the season – they have scored at least 5 offensive TDs in every game. The Lions would go up early, with the TD-leader Asghar Molu making another play beating Taha Ali on an out-and-up route. Then the rest of the half belonged to Asim Mirza, who had a second consecutive multi-TD week. Overall, QB Kumail Meghani did a great job spreading the ball around with each receiver having at least 3 receptions.  

The Raiders became one-dimensional this game as they took too many deep shots when they were clearly not working. Said Samater ended the game just 12/26, and only 2 offensive TDs. The Raiders did play good defense after falling behind 21-0. The Lions didn’t score again well into the second half, when they were able to score 3 more times. While the Raiders were missing Zolfakar, they should have been better than getting each of their receivers only 1 reception outside of Taha Ali & Ammar Dayani. The Raiders will be facing the Patriots in their next week matchup when the game ended in a tie. It was a game that both teams deserved to win, and thought they should have – two fiery, competitive teams… we expect there to be some fireworks.



The Seahawks were winless heading into this game and made a QB change, and it seemed to make a world of difference. The Seahawks have dealt with a plethora of injuries as they have now lost Imran Ebrahim, Taqi Baig and Fayaz Ladha for the season; we wish them all the best in their recoveries. Back to the game, the Seahawks hadn’t lost a game with more than one TD, so there was reason for optimism. Right away, the offense seemed to have a little more flow as QB Ali Haroon continues to be a dangerous dual-threat QB. QB Shoaib Mamdani led the attack with 5 receptions and 2 TDs. Mujataba Abidi, Shabbir Rizvi & Abuzar Abbas all contributed with a TD.

However, the story of the game was defense. The Patriots came into the game as the second highest-scoring in the league. They seemed to have forgotten their game during the break, as they were having trouble making the easiest completions. The Seahawks had a lot to do with that. The Seahawks played man defense during the game except in end zone situations, and it worked beautifully as Khizer Jamal routinely tried to throw deep and found no one. Man defense seemed to really bother the Patriots, as the players started imploding when they weren’t getting touches… enough so, we have heard of a mid-week practice to rectify the situation. The Seahawks also overcame 3 defensive penalties to hold the shutout. The Seahawks will now face the Ravens in Week 6; it was a tightly contested game and the Seahawks had held the Ravens to 0 pts in the first half, before giving up 4 TDs in the second half.

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